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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Public Workshop of Innovative Regional Growth Core fo+ [freeform optics plus]
Chair: Lutz Reichmann › JENOPTIK Optical Systems, Germany

Opening: Andreas Tünnermann › Fraunhofer IOF
Opening address: Hans-Peter Hiepe › German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) - solicited

Latest Results and demonstrator presentation of the project alliance
language: English, slides in English

KTP 1: Design | Herbert Gross › Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Handling of freeform surfaces in the design of optical systems

KTP 2: Materials | Rolf Henkel › VITRON
Refractive Index Drift during Pressing Process of Chalkogenide Glasses

KTP 3: Manufacturing | Sven Kiontke › asphericon
Freeform on the way to volume production

KTP 4: Coating | Stefan Jakobs › Optics Balzers Jena
Optimized Optical Coatings for Freeform Optical Systems

KTP 5: Structuring | Bernhard Kley › Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Micro- and Nanostructures for fo+

KTP 6: System integration | Michael Degel › JENOPTIK Optical Systems
Simplified Integration of free-form optics in complex systems

Poster exhibition & Demonstrator presentation

The Innovative Regional Growth Core fo+ is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) 


Registration & Welcome Snack

Welcome and latest research news
Andreas Tünnermann › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

Part I: Challenges on Freeform Optics
Chair: Andreas Tünnermann › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

Present work on diamond machining of freeform optics and on related metrology
Chris Evans › Center for Precision Metrology at UNC Charlotte, USA

Large SiC technology for space application in China
Xuejan Zhang › Changchun Institute of Optics (CIOMP), China

Freeform Optics: current and future applications
Andreas Pistelok › Carl Zeiss Jena, Germany


Part II: Metrology
Chair: Edgar Bader › Carl Zeiss Jena, Germany

Asphere test CGHs with advanced alignment features
Uwe Zeitner, Frank Burmeister › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

Scanning mulitwavelength interferometry as most flexible tool for apshere, acylinder and freeform metrology
Jürgen Petter › AMETEK, Germany

Non-null test measurement of aspheres with Fizeau- and Twyman-Green interferometers
Stefan Muehlig › Mahr, Germany

[Exhibition & Coffee Break]


Part III: Manufacturing and Process Issues
Chair: Klaus Schindler › OptoNet, Germany
Andreas Gebhardt › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany


Freeform machining with Precitech servo tools
Jeff Roblee › AMETEK Precitech, USA

Fabrication techniques for complex freeform optics with non-circular apertures
Chris Morgan › Moore Nanotechnology Sytems, USA

Recent trends in the application of diamond milling tools
Eric van Hal › Contour Fine Tooling BV, The Netherlands 

Toolpath generation and manufacturing simulation for optical surfaces
Alan Edwards › Western Isle, UK


Enhanced measurement and correction of mid-spatioal frequencies through advances in SSI and MRF technologies
Paul Dumas, Jean Pierre Lormeau › QED Technologies International, USA

Processing high end optical surfaces utilising the OptoTech MultiTool concept
Matthias Pfaff, Sebastian Stoebenau › OptoTech Optikmaschinen, Germany

Measuring large freeforms using UA3P-ultrahigh accurate 3-D profilometer
Tomofumi Morishita › Panasonic Production Engineering Co., Japan

Challenges and solutions in the optical measurement of aspheres
Peter de Groot › ZYGO Corporation, USA 


On-site presentations @ Fraunhofer IOF Laboratories


Gala Dinner

Kindly sponsored by our partners Carl Zeiss Jena & Qioptiq Photonics.

All attendees are invited to the traditional ›Hotel Schwarzer Bär‹ in the historic city centre of Jena. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Part IV: New Technologies for Freeform Optics I
Chair: Jeff Roblee › AMETEK Precitech, USA

Mid-spatial frquencies - next stages in the struggle
Greg Forbes › Macquarie University Sydney, Australia

Freeform optical manufacturing at Instrument Technology Research Center
Aaron Wei-Yao Hsu › ITRC NARLabs, Taiwan

Laser polishing and laser beam figuring of optical surfaces
Christian Weingarten › Fraunhofer ILT, Germany

Large aperture modular freeform VIS telescope with smart alignment approach
Matthias Beier › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

[Exhibition & Coffee Break]


Part V: New Technologies for Freeform Optics II
Chair: Frank Guse › Qioptiq Photonics, Germany

Ultrasonic assisted diamond, machining of freeform optical surfaces in hardened steel 
David Robertson › Durham Universiy, USA

Ultra-precision glass molding for mass production environments
Olaf Rübenach › INGENERIC GmbH, Germany

Freeform manufacturing based on plasma jet machining
Thomas Arnold, Georg Boehm › Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification (IOM), Germany

Extreme lightweight freeform mirrors made by additive manufacturing
Enrico Hilpert, Nils Heidler › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

Closure: Klaus Schindler, OptoNet e.V., Germany

[Exhibition & Lunch]


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