LightTrans Training Courses for VirtualLab

March 16-18 2015 and March 19-20 2015 in Jena

Course 1: “Introduction to the simulation and optimization of laser systems with VirtualLab” (March 16-18).

This course covers the following topics:   

  • Introduction to the concepts of field tracing and unified optical modeling for the simulation of light in optical systems.   
  • Introduction to VirtualLab documents.   
  • Simulation of paraxial and non-paraxial lens systems, polarization of light.   
  • Calculation of interferograms and simulation of interferometers.    
  • Simulation of laser systems containing mirrors.   
  • Tolerance simulation and parametric optimization of laser system.  
  • Programmable transmission function.    
  • Pulse simulations.

Course 2: ”Analysis and design of light shaping and homogenization systems with VirtualLab” (March 19-20).

This course covers the following topics:    

  • Shaping and homogenization of coherent laser light.
  • Modeling of temporally and spatially partially coherent light.
  • Periodic micro structured elements.   
  • Homogenization of partially coherent light by micro lens arrays.    
  • Homogenization of partially coherent light by diffractive diffuser.  
  • Introduction into the Lighting Toolbox of VirtualLab.    
  • Shaping and homogenization of light by arrays of grating cells, prism cells and mirror cells.
  • Rigorous analysis of blazed gratings.

The detailed program of the courses, the registration form (includes prices) and contact details can be found on our website.
Deadline for registration: February 16, 2015