Workshop Program

›Ultra Precision Manufacturing of Aspheres & Freeforms‹

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

10:00-12:00 On-site Presentations @ Fraunhofer IOF

11:30 [Registration & Welcome Snack]

Andreas Tünnermann, Ramona Eberhardt › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany


Part I: Challenges on Freeform Optics

Partnership in Advancing Freeform Optics
Jannick Rolland › University of Rochester, USA

The Freeform Optics ƒo⁺ Initiative – From Components to Next Generation Systems
Ramona Eberhardt › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

TNO Examples of Freeform Optical Design
Bob Kruizinga › TNO, The Netherlands

Manufacturing Technologies of Freeform Optical System with Large Aperture
Xin Zhang › Changchun Institute of Optics (CIOMP), China

[Exhibition & Coffee Break]


Part II: Metrology

Precision Measurement, Fabrication and Related Technologies for Grazing-incidence X-ray Mirror Optics
Kazuto Yamauchi › Osaka University, Japan

Characterization of Freeform Mirrors Using Light Scattering
Sven Schröder › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

Diffractive Optics for Precision Alignment of Optical Systems
Jean-Michel Asfour › DIOPTIC, Germany

Improving Low, Mid and High-spatial Frequency Errors on Freeform Optics with ASI + MRF
Paul Dumas › QED Technologies, USA

[Exhibition & Coffee Break]


Part III: Manufacturing Technologies

Advances in Freeform Machining with the Use of Fast Tool Servos
Jeff Roblee › AMETEK Precitech, USA

Possibilities and Recent Developments of IBF for Correcting of Small Surface Features
David Schäfer › NTG Neue Technologien, Germany

The Development of Enhanced Enabling Technologies for the Manufacture of Freeform & Structured Optics
Chris Morgan › Moore Nanotechnology Systems, USA

Micro-Laser Assisted Diamond Machining
Deepak Ravindra › Micro-LAM, USA

18:00 Closure
Kevin Füchsel › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany


Gala Dinner

Kindly sponsored by our partners Carl Zeiss Jena & Qioptiq Photonics.

All attendees are invited to the traditional ›Hotel Schwarzer Bär‹ in the historic city centre of Jena. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Part IV: MSFR of Freeform Surfaces

Modelling the Impact of MSF in Optical Imaging Systems
Greg Forbes › Macquarie University Sydney, Australia

Freeform three Mirror Anastigmat Manufacturing and Metrology
C. Evans, N. Horvath, I. Barron, J. Owen and M. Davies. › University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA

The MSF-Zoo - Real World Aspheric and Freeform Examples
Sven Kiontke › asphericon, Germany

Smoothing Effects of Different Polishing Tools to Reduce MSFR Content on Freeform Metal Mirrors
Matthias Beier › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany  

[Exhibition & Coffee Break]



Development and Application of MRF Polishing Based on Robot Arm
Xuejun Zhang › Changchun Institute of Optics (CIOMP), China

Lightweight Metal Optics Made by Additive Manufacturing
Nils Heidler › Fraunhofer IOF, Germany

Ceramic Freeform Optics Made of MicroCarb
Roland Geyl › Safran REOSC, France

Plasma-assisted, Cost-effective Optical Freeform Manufacturing
Hendrik Paetzelt › Trionplas Technologies, Germany

13:00 Closure
Thomas Bauer › OptoNet e.V., Germany

[Exhibition & Lunch]


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